Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Memories of A Knowledge Seeker

The memories start here....

‘’PEACE BE UPON YOU,’’ a violent but tranquil voice aroused  the essence of the hall indicating the arrival of the descendant of Imam Hussein son of Ali, peace be upon them. Accompanying the sense and spirit of vicegerent, Habib Ali Al-Jufri was stepping down the steps entering the convention hall full of blessings together with the several deputies of scholars all over the world. This was an unforgettable experience as I was standing in front of those representatives of the Prophet peace be upon him, the exponent of the religion. How amazing it was!
Particularly, I was attending an International Conference of The Opening of the newly university that would be based on Al-Sunnah Wal Jama’ah. It is the University of As Sofa, which would be located in Negeri Sembilan. This convention was to introduce to the people about the importance of diving into circumstances of inculcating the ‘Umma nowadays.
I am remarking this event as my favourite pastime as it has influenced me about the sweetness of knowledge. There are a lot of undefined guidance to be internalized and even obstacles in our efforts in order to seek knowledge. Hence, I took this precious chance to enhance my soul as well as mentality to create a transformation on the concepts of gaining beneficial knowledge.
There are a lot of constructive outcomes pointed by each of the scholars. As for Dr. Abdal Hakim Murad, Dean of The Cambridge Muslim College of United Kingdom, he attributed his discovery to his careful research on the insights from the prophetic legacy for higher education and research. One of his valuable points is that the lesson the people have learned in Britain. The institutions such as his own small Muslim College in Cambridge rigorously avoiding the importation of models developed for another place. This shows that as knowledge seekers, we should eliminate all external forces that would exert and influence on us as it is not in conjunction to our dispositions and it would result in the withdrawal of our own pure objectives.
It was also a delight as well as privilege to mention all the scholars that I met in this splendid occasion. They are Professor Dr. Abdur Razzaq al Sa’adiy, the professor of University Al-Malakiy, Amman, Jordan, Dr. Sayyid Abdul Muni’m ibn Abdul Aziz Al-Ghumari, Hadith Expert of Institute of Hadith Al-Ghummary, Professor Dr. Faruq Hamadah, the Emperor Advisor of Abu Dhabi, and last but not least Habib Ali Zain Al’Abidin ibn Abdul Rahman Al-Jufri, the General Director of Tabah Foundation. It was an honor to observe those scholars and from here, I associated myself with them to instill the best and profound manners in my entire life.
Lastly, I would like to abbreviate all the messages that the scholars has apprised us, the citizen of Malaysia. Each routine in our daily life should be begin and inspired with the divine-sanction and absolutely we should hold tightly the Al-Quran and As-Sunnah with an actual conviction. Hence, do love our Prophet peace be upon him, remove all those vices and remedy and do inculcate the foundation of all praiseworthy traits in our daily live.
This treasure occasion did really give me a transformation on gaining, studying and  practicing the knowledge I seek today and tomorrow.

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